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Ethiopian Somali Regional State Council Stripes Immunity Of Seven Officials

In an extraordinary session it conducted yesterday, the Council of Ethiopian Somali regional state stripped immunity of seven of its members.

The Council lifted their immunity on suspicion of having links with recent violence in the regional state. The Council approved the lifting of their immunity unanimously, it was noted.

Similarly, the Council appointed Mustefa Mohammed as Deputy Chief Administrator of the regional state.

The Council also decided Mustefa to assume the role of the Chief Administrator and to become a member of the House of Federation (HoF) by representing the regional state.

Mustefa earned his first degree from Addis Ababa University (AAU) and his masters in Agricultural Economics from a university in England.

Mustefa, who is also a human rights activist, has served in various international organizations and agencies, including in the United Nations (UN), as well as in various government positions in Ethiopia.

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